Unbox Your Imagination

Some of my favorite memories as a child are when Dad and Mom ordered new appliances and handed down the cardboard box that they came in.  That was the moment our imaginations became unpinned and were let go to roam free.  My sisters and I found many, many uses for  those cardboard boxes.  We used them as rocket ships to propel ourselves down the stairs (until Mom found out and squelched our innovative new mode of transport… Parents are always standing in the way of “progress”).  We also used them for playhouses and toll booths (growing up in the Chicago suburbs, tollways were a part of daily life).  We had a really great concrete driveway and we would draw roads for our bikes all over the driveway with chalk and then set up our “toll booth” right in the middle of one of the major “roads”.   I can’t remember half the crazy things we made out of cardboard boxes, but we used them and reused them until there was hardly anything left of them.  Then, came that sad day when Mom would drag our tattered old box out to the curb on recycle day.

In 2005 the cardboard box was indicted into the “Toy Hall of Fame”.   I believe it should have been there long before 2005.  But on that note, I thought I’d do a little research on where to find cardboard toys….fun toys made from recycled materials and repurposed into an innovative form of entertainment.

A. Cardboard Play Kitchen by Kidsonroof Cocorico on Amazon $32  B. Walking Cardboard Animal Kits by Kenetic Creatures $40  C. Indian Camp by Calafant on Amazon $20  D. Cardboard Proptractor-Aeronautical Vehicle by MakersToolBox on Etsy $35  E.  Cardboard Bowling Game by Cardboard Safari on Etsy $30 F. Cardboard Rocket to the Moon by Green Rabbit on NotOnTheHighStreet.com $80  G. Easy Cardboard Castle on Amazon $40  H. Sports Car by Calafant on Amazon $11  I. Airplane Make and Paint by Calafant on Amazon $9  J. Oversized cardboard boxes are really hard to come by.  So, always save those large cardboard appliance boxes.  Here’s a few large boxes for purchase: here $83/5 and here $193/10 and here $51/10  K. Rambling Robbie Rhino by Cardboard Safari on Etsy $32  L. Astro Rocket by Cardboard Safari on Etsy $15  M. Cardboard Playhouse by ChasingFireFlies.com $68