Amateur Photo Shoot

Recently, I have become a proud auntie AGAIN (for the 9th time)  to a sweet, sweet baby boy.  I LOVE being an aunt….it never gets old! But, somehow, I got roped into a baby photo shoot with my sister’s first baby and now, at number three, I’m still doing baby photo shoots.  The ironic thing is, I’m NOT a photographer (as most of you can probably see).  But, my theory on photography is if you take 700 photos, there has to be one that will turn out, right?!  Well, 3 photo shoots and about 700 photos later, we only got a handful of photos that turned out.  (Needless to say,  I now have such a great respect for any photographer who patiently and successfully pulls off one of these baby/kid photo shoots. Whew!)  This sweet little boy likes to be held and the second we put him down, he started screaming.   To top it off, his big sisters had so much energy, they didn’t know what to do with themselves during this shoot except to be silly and wiggle as much as possible.  But, I guess that’s what makes it fun.

So, although these have nothing to do with baby décor or décor in general, I just had to post them because….it is all about the babies, right?!

Welcome to the world, little Oakley!!!