There’s been a little unexpected change in our household over the last 3 or 4 months (by little, I actually mean huge).  We found out the day before Christmas Eve that we are expecting our first addition to our little family.   I have to admit, it’s been the most exciting, and nerve wracking 3 months ever.  It came as a little bit of a surprise, so we’re still trying to get used to the idea.  In the last 3 months our whole entire life plan has completely taken a 180 degree turn (for the better, of course).   The news of our expanding family has prompted my husband to go back to anesthesia school….which means settling down, job change, grad school planning etc.

As I’m sure any parent can tell you (and as we still have a lot to find out), this little bity development has already completely transformed our lives.  But, we’re excited to meet this new little person, that I’m sure will win our hearts the moment we meet.

Photo Credits:

Couples photo: Melissa Petays Photography

Ultrasound Photo: Northwest OBGYN