About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog.  Here’s just a little about me and what I do:

My passion is creating. That pretty much sums it up.  I love combining beautiful things in a space and watching a room take on a magical life of its own.  I can’t say I have one design style… I love them all.  But, I have to say I am quite fond of mixing things up a bit.  A subtle hint of antiques in a contemporary setting… what a way to add character and contrast to a room!  To be a little more specific though, what I REALLY love is designing children’s rooms and nurseries.  I am partial to a more classy, fresh approach rather than juvenile design.  (However, if you envision a Disney Princess or Winnie the Pooh themed room… there are ways to add some class… we could definitely make it work!)  Check out my information under “DESIGN SERVICES” tab.

Interior design has always been my dream and passion.  However, I have always had a tremendous love for babies, and I originally began pursuing a degree in nursing. My goal was to work in Labor and Delivery. I couldn’t imagine a better job than having a part in welcoming such beautiful little lives into this world. But, life soon revealed that nursing school wasn’t the right choice for me, so I began to focus on an education in design. Now, I have the best of both worlds! I get to pursue my passion of design while helping others welcome their precious gifts into their lives and into their homes!

I currently live south of Seattle, WA with my husband of 11 years.  He was given the opportunity to travel with his job and I have tagged along with him for the past few years as we’ve bounced around the country (moving 9 times in less than 4 years).  It’s been an awesome journey, and I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration for design from the natural beauty of the different regions we’ve lived in: from the tropical setting of the Virgin Islands to the rugged beauty of Alaska.  But, it’s now time to settle down so he can go back to school (again), and I can finally settle into my design business.  Oh, and of course think about how to design my own nursery, hopefully someday soon.

And there you have it… me in a very small nutshell.

~Cristy Saathoff-Brown

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