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Springside Avenue Designs offers a variety of design options for your nursery or children’s bedroom that will fit your budget and your style. I can help with whatever you need to transform your empty room into a creative, inspired, functional, and safe nursery.  My services are not limited to those listed below.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further questions or concerns.

Storyboards:  A storyboard, in design, is a collaborative collage of the design elements in a room. Storyboards are a way of expressing what the design of a room is going to be in a visual layout.  What this means for you is that all the different elements of the room that fit within your budget will be put together for you along with a list of online stores or actual stores where these products can be purchased.  These elements consist of: rugs, lighting, furniture, bedding, wall art, paint color, etc. You can then purchase the items and arrange them in the room as you would like, or by the suggestions offered.  Usually, more than one option is offered. Depending on the intensity of the project, this flat rate service fee starts at $400.  Since the storyboard is a virtual plan, it can be designed for local clients here in Washington or anywhere around the world within 2 weeks.

Full Service Design:  Maybe you just don’t have the time to organize the transformation of your spare room into a nursery.  (Or the nursery into a kid’s room.)  Whatever the case, full service design is exactly what you are looking for.  All aspects of the room will be addressed from the details of the room layout, aesthetics, functionality, and safety for your child. This includes floors, walls, ceilings, and everything in between.  The finished product will be a unique and welcoming environment.  This can be a 4-8 week process depending on how long ordering and shipping takes, as well as how involved the project may be.  There is a flat rate for this service which starts at $1400 and will be precisely determined when the scope of the project is assessed.  To begin, I offer a free one hour consultation where we will discuss colors, styles, themes, budget, and deadlines.  There will not be an additional markup on furniture ordered.  From there, we will set up a follow-up meeting to discuss design ideas/inspiration, and design solutions.  Once I have your go-ahead, your vacant room will be transformed into a beautiful, unique and charming nursery.

Custom Bedding:  Bedding design is a favorite of mine.  I love to design bedding that reflects your style and personality.  It will be a unique and perfect fit for your nursery.  I am partial to textures and quality fabrics that will be soothing, yet elegant, for your sleeping baby.   A one of a kind, handmade bedding set will be an essential part of your nursery!  The starting cost is $700 depending on the quality of the fabrics.   This can take around two weeks from order date to completion.  See “Portfolio” for ideas.

Please contact me to set up your free consultation or for a price estimate.

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