April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring is most definitely my favorite time of year!  As soon as the new year rolls in, I’m always just waiting around for those apple blossoms and crocuses to start budding out.  Lucky for me, I was asked to help with the design of a [budget-friendly] spring-themed nursery.  How appropriate for a little girl named “Violet”.

A. Gulliver Crib by IKEA $99  B. Design Your Own Bedding from Textile Co. on Etsy $295  C. Vinyl Tree, Park Bench Wall Decal by Babaaiairan on Etsy $59 D. Aspen Table and Chair Set by KidKraft $67 E. Zigzag Rug by Urban Outfitters $39  F. Vintage Window Mirror on Etsy $235  G. Swivel Rocking Chair by Little Castle at Target $450 H. Butterfly Baby Mobile by Tiina Sofia Design on Etsy $39  I.  Hemnes 8-drawer Dresser by IKEA $200  J. 12″ Paper Mache Letters from JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts $4.50 ea  K.  La Violette-3 Photograph by JoyStClaire on Etsy $15; blown up onto a 40×60 canvas $402

Alaska….The Last Frontier

I believe I’ve mentioned before that when deciding how to design your new baby’s nursery, that you should consider a theme that is a collaboration of memories, hobbies, travels, and things that define mom and dad….maybe a nursery would be themed around a favorite place, a favorite hobby or around a favorite memory.  Whatever it is, it somehow makes this new little life a part of your past, present and future.

I think I’ve also mentioned before (but just in case I didn’t), my husband is a traveling nurse.  Many people are confused about what this is.  Simply, it’s a nurse that travels to different locations around the country to fill temporary nursing shortages (and there are many!).  We’ve been moving around for the last 6 years, and yes, it has been a ton of fun.  We’ve loved every place we’ve lived, but of course a few places stand out above the rest….Alaska, for one.  We have SO many amazing memories of our way-too-short (8 months) of time spent there.  From glacier kayaking in Valdez, snowboarding the beautiful Chugach Mountain Range at Alyeska, catching 40-lb halibut out of Homer, dog sledding in Talkeetna, to Flight-seeing Denali…the adventures up there are endless, much like the landscape.  Alaska was one of the highlights and privileges of our lifetime travels.  So, you might understand why I couldn’t help but create an Alaska-themed nursery.

I thought I’d throw in just a few photos from our adventures there:ALASKA me photos

And finally, here’s the Alaskan-themed nursery:


A. Antiqued Metal Drum Pendant Light by Restoration Hardware $395 B. Vintage Conductors Lantern from WhiteHome Etsy Shop $60 C. 31″ Moose Head by Z Gallerie $249  D. Plaid Crib Bedding Set by Matteo $538 E. Anderson Crib American Walnut from Land of Nod $1099  F. Atelier Scissor Task Table Lamp by Restoration Hardware $379  G. Merino Plaid Throw Blanket by Room and Board $118  H. “Adventure Bound” throw pillow by Woolrich $40  I. Williamsport Square Embroidered Pillow by Woolrich $60 J. Suitcases from various dealers for various pricing (Etsy) K. Black Walnut Rocking Chair from VermontFolkRocker Etsy Shop $1775

Dreaming of Pink

I’m personally not a big fan of pink.  For some reason, the color pink and I don’t really get along (I can’t even tell you exactly why.)  But, when I saw this amazing blue/pink little girls’ room designed by San Francisco design company, Lotus Blue, I rethought pink altogether!  The two colors and their hues/tints work so well together.  I will call it a work of art!  What do you think?!


An Island In The Sun

When you think about designing your nursery, everyone wants a nice, well-designed “typical” nursery.  But in addition, it can be really fun (and challenging) to design a nursery around a theme that means something to both you and your spouse.  It makes the nursery a little more personal, and makes the welcome for baby a little bit warmer.  I would be lying if I said I’d never given any thought to designing my own nursery.  One place that my husband and I have enjoyed over the last 10 years since we’ve gotten married, is the Caribbean.  We’ve honeymooned and vacationed in the Dominican Republic.  We also lived on St. Croix, one of the the US Virgin Islands a few years back.  Since these places have special meaning to us,  I decided to design a Caribbean Island-themed nursery story board.  Each item on this board is inspired by what I think of when I look back on our life on the island.  If you had to think of a theme or a place that meant something special to both of you… where/what would that be?

Above is a photo of my husband and I chilling on a palm tree in St. Croix.  Although I got really homesick when we moved there, (it was my first VERY big move away from home) we both fell in love with the gorgeous beaches, seaglass hunting, snorkeling, scuba diving, and especially the amazingly warm, tropical weather!

A. Driftwood Mirror by Urban Outfitters $149  B. Fisherman Lights by Zero. Unfortunately, I can’t find a place where these are sold in the US, but the idea can inspire custom made lights from vintage glass buoys.  C. Driftwood Hat Hanger by GettingWeddy at Etsy $44 D. This is my personal photo I took in St. Croix.  Click here for a Photoshop tutorial on how to turn your photo into an oil painting.  For a gallery wrap photo print, click here  E. Hampton Dresser by Restoration Hardware  F. Antique Metal Fan from Rustyvintage at Etsy $48  G. 3-Piece Crib Set Quilted Linen by Bella Notte. Bumper in ocean; crib sheet/skirt in white $614  H. Thomas Paul Corallum Linen Pillow-Aqua at Design Public $100  I. Caged Glass Table Lamp by Pottery Barn $169  J. Hampton Crib by Restoration Hardware  K. Mid Century Danish Modern Rocker from ItsJustTheBeesKnees at Etsy  L. Thomas Paul Goldfish Linen Pillow-mandarin at Design Public $100  M. Pouf Crochet Medium by Lacasadecoto at Etsy $65  N. Thomas Paul Rug Coral Dhurrie in Cream and Orange at Design Public $434  O.  Driftwood Sculpture by MarzaShop at Etsy $75

Nursery Safety: Bedding

Keep comforters and pillows out of the crib — they could suffocate the baby. If a pretty blanket came with the crib set, try hanging it on the wall or using it on the rocking chair.

A common mistake is to place your baby onto a quilt or fluffy comforter – which poses a great suffocation risk. Stuffed animals and pillows should be out of the crib as well. It is believed that overheating a baby or using thick comforters can contribute to sudden infant death syndrome.